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Important Things to Consider in Selecting Eyelash Extensions

Women’s eyes appearance has been enhanced by women for many centuries now. It became quite fashionable to use Mascara during the era of Victorian.However, this was taken a notch higher, and today, the eyelash extension is the current invention of enhancing a woman’s eyelashes. Differentiating an eyelash extension and a false eyelash is very important.

False eyelashes are characterized by an application of a base that glues a reproduction of eyelashes on eye lids near the eyelashes’ bottom.These can be easily removed and are actually short-lived. Although for a short time, they enhance the appearance of eyelashes.

As regards eyelash extensions, they are a series of eyelashes that are individual and are glued to the eyelashes you have and can last for up to four or more weeks before requiring a touch-up.

The eyelids can never be exhausted since the eyelashes weigh next to nothing. Eyelashes are manufactured from many possibilities which are organic or real human hair, fiber which can be manmade, synthetic fiber and even mink hair.Among all these, the most common are eyelash extensions made from manmade fiber and also mink hair.

The eyelash extensions needs to be fixed by a beauty professional. It is the role of the beautician to device on the best eyelash extensions befitting your eyelids. A special glue will apply eyelash extensions to each individual eyelash.For a real good looking eyelash extension will require approximate 100 extensions.

It is highly advisable that you ensure that the eyelash extensions are not contacted by water within the first 24 hours. This is to address the bonding of eyelash extensions and the natural eye lashes.You will also need not to use any make up that is oil based.

As long the as the hairs they are attached to remain in the eyelid, eyelash extensions can last for long.It is however useful to ensure that you visit a beautician for eyelash touchups regularly.

When it comes to the removal of eyelash extensions, a trained beautician can easily perform the task. Removing eyelash extensions from home is possible, but it is very time-consuming.

Eyelash extensions don’t have any side effects, not unless you are allergic to the material that made the eyelash extensions. Avoid eyelash extensions if you have known allergic reactions to the fibre that makes the eyelash extensions.

Again, using mascara with the eyelash ensures that they are longer and even appear fuller than natural eyelashes..

Make sure to get the best eyelash extensions if you decide to have them.

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